Ana Alirangues


Mixed-use building in Port Gitana, Geneva

Duties:TEAM LEADER. Concept and Schematic Design, Design Development,2D plans, 3D modelling and images. Communications with competition partners.

Team: Lucía Balboa Domínguez, Clara Álvarez García, Sara Urriza Nolan, Vittoria Vincenzi, Cristina Domínguez Lucas, Fernando Hernández - Gil + Javier Müller. 


Intellectual property rights belong to Estudio Lucas y Hernández -Gil, S.L.P.

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The proposal combines all the required program in a 55,000 sqf building that reminds of traditional swiss architecture at a majestic site in Geneva Lake. This new mixed-use building hosts the communal building as well as the new restaurant and hotel for Port Gitana area in Geneva.

Over the lightweight ground floor appears a huge zinc roof with rhomboid-shaped motifs. The outdoor garden is developed with terraces adapted to the existing terrain.

Developing a suitable building for this site with nice views to Mont Blanc and Geneva Lake was really challenging.
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