Ana Alirangues


Teixeira Interrotta.Ville and Court

Duties: I developed part of the plan. 3D modelling and images.

Team: Clara Álvarez García, Sara Urriza Nolan, Cristina Domínguez Lucas, Fernando Hernández - Gil. 

Intellectual property rights belong to Estudio Lucas y Hernández -Gil, S.L.P.

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The Architecture magazine from Madrid Architect’s Association asked the 20 most innovative studios of the city to rethink Madrid’s first city plan done by Teixeira in 1656. A work following the path from famous Roma Interrotta.

The relationship between territory, river and city has been the subject of a wide range of utopic projects to transform the Manzanares river, whose ambition diminished during the Empire and died with the arrival of the railway.

Our proposal raises the hypothesis of flanking the river with a wide green corridor at a territorial scale- a setting that overturns a terraced urban front in a succession of concave spaces multiplying its perimeter. A series of large pieces acting as cloud-rests establish the limit with the urban core, presided by the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande. 
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