Ana Alirangues

CB RESTAURANT | 2019-ongoing

Restaurant in a historic building

Duties: TEAM LEADER: Concept and Schematic Design, 2D plans, 3D modelling, images. BIM development. 

Team: Lucía Balboa Domínguez, Clara Álvarez García, Sara Urriza Nolan, Vittoria Vincenzi, Cristina Domínguez Lucas, Fernando Hernández - Gil + Antón Yeregui. 

[First Prize]

Intellectual property rights belong to Estudio Lucas y Hernández -Gil, S.L.P.

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Our proposal seeks to restore Casa de Botes, an historic building of Málaga Port, while setting up the restaurant program.

The terraces are the main areas of the building, because of the nice weather of this city, located south of Spain, and due to the great port views.

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